My name is Karl Nemsow. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently studying a degree in Internet Communications and I am an AFL fanatic. So how do I combine these?

I have constructed the Footy Media Watch website as portal for analysis and review on news and issues relating to Australia’s premier football code AFL. Supporting this site are several social networking tools that will assist readers to follow, and contribute to the site.

AFL is Australia’s largest sporting code and its passions run deep into the fabric of Australia’s sporting communities. However, with an ever growing number of sports writers looking for the “next scoop” how reliable and thoughtful is its reporting in today’s disposable media market? We want to let you know.

In recent times there appears a tendency for AFL football writers to lean towards sensationalism rather than journalism. There appears to be an era of hidden agendas, conflicts of interest, deceit, self promotion, sensationalism, misrepresentation and manipulation all in the name of sports journalism. Footy Media Watch aims to sort out who is responsible for fact, and who is responsible for fiction. We are in an era when a host of football writers have media profiles almost as large as the games stars. They wield power through a process suggestion and opinion in a disposable marketplace, where mistakes and untruths can be easily hidden or forgotten.

Karl Nemsow
Footy Media Watch Pty Ltd
Email: editor@footymediawatch.com.au